Thursday, 1 December 2016

Changes in my career?

Hello everyone.
I have to say something, I have to write this blog for the English class in the University, and all the weeks we have to write about different topics, like dreams, art, music or something like that, and I really enjoy when I have to write about something like that, but the last weeks the topics are different, turn to the future, about things that I don't know and I don't usually think about. I had to write about future jobs and majors and things like that! I don't want to think a loooot about the future, that make me feel anxious... and I don't know, I try to enjoy the present but is so hard :( 

Sincerely ( and i am so sorry teacher but it is what I think ) the topic of today is tooooooo bored, we have to "write about some changes that could be made to your study programme (career) AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT I CAN SAY, because I want to study in University of Chile because I like the programme, maybe we have some bored subjects to me but THIS IS THE LIFE and i don't want to change nothing, maybe we could have a better timetable but if we have the same timetable the next year is OK we will not to die for that!

Everything is okay to my, I really really like my career and my subjects, I like the teachers and the works, maybe is difficult but this is the life and I just need to survive! jajajaja

Tell me what do you think about this topic.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Year Ends!

Hello everyone J

How are you guys? I don’t know how the year past so fast! It is crazy, in a month I Finish the class and then I just have to do some exams. I just want to finish this year, was crazy and with a lot the emotions between the days. I am so so so so so tired! I want to relax and read my favorites books or something new, I want to watch TV without worries, I want to finish this academy year and now I am planning the summer vacations. I have plans to all January! I will spend all the month out to Santiago knowing the south of Chile. 

- 1ยบ of January I will travel to the south with my Mather, her boyfriend and him daughter. (I never celebrate the New Year so I don’t care about travel that day)
- 4 of January I will travel to Loncoche because I have an activity with the people to my church, with the Youngers.
- 9 of January I will travel come back with my Mom to Villarrica, there I want to know the place and visit my best friend who is always in the south in holidays visiting her grandmother.
- 20 of January I will travel to Chiloe to work with a group of people helping families and making activities for the kids.
- 29 of January I come back to Santiago and probably in February I travel with my sister and my Dad.

This summer I just want to relax and rest, tell me about you plans in the comments J

My future job

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Hello everyone! J
The topic for today is about films and movies, I watch a lot of TV and I love the marathon movies and series! I love to see things in Spanish and English with subtitles. I love the movies about drama, romance, suspense, comedy and animation. I usually watch films in my house with my TV and my couch, but if I have time, energy and money I go to the cinema; other option is rent a DVD but I never did that in the past and is not an option for me, I prefer to buy it.
The last film that I saw was Harry potter, in two days I saw all the movies because I had free time and I never saw that movie before so I have the chance and I saw it.
My favorite film… I don’t know how I can choose one movie between the million in the world jajajajaj it is crazy but I think about and my favorite book is also my favorite movie, the name is “The last song” by Nicholas Sparks, and it is a great and incredible story, so emotional and beautiful.
The last song it’s about a girl, Ronnie, who is angry with the life, and with her parents, they divorced years ago and her father neglects him family. The drama and love never ends, I want to see this movie again obviously J tell me in the comments what is your favorite movie.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thinking about the future

Hello everyone! J
This week I want to talk about the future again, well the future is uncertain but I don’t lose anything when I am dreaming. So I am in my first year in the University and I want to learn a lot about the people, culture, society, etc. (I am studding Anthropology so I love the humanist area). My career goes on for 5 years and is a long way to finish all my subjects but I know that I want more, how? Well I wish the opportunity to study a postgraduate abroad. I want to learn about different cultures and customs; I want to live the adventure to live in a different country for a while.
I don’t know exactly the area that I want to make a postgraduate because I still don’t choose a mention, but I have some ideas, I want to specialize in a social area, in archaeology o in linguistics.
The country and the institution is very important I consider Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand; why? I love that countries the languages and the opportunities to grow up. I don’t have an idea about the institution but I still have to for that.
I hope I can finish my career in the ideal five years and then decide about the future. Follow your dreams and your passions ;) tell me in the comments what do you think about this topic.  

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dreaming... my future job

Hello everyone J 
Today I want to tell you something about my future job, or what I dream about my future job.
I study anthropology, so obviously I want to work in this area. When I finish the university I want to make a major studying abroad. I want to learn a lot and can be a better professional.
I want to make investigation but also I want to travel a lot, that is my dream, I still don’t have a decision about the mention in my career that I prefer but I want to travel, and if I don’t get a job like that I want to work abroad, in other country to know different cultures and people.
I hope I can find a job principally, because my career is not well known and we have different tips of works but not too much in quantity.
I want to make that I want and don’t have a worry about the money, I don’t want a really big salary, and I just want the enough to life and by the thing that I want. I hope that God will guide my and help me in this travel, in the life. I want to be happy J

Tell me in the comments what your future job is ;) 

My favorite subject in the school